CERASOLS | Our Services
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Our Services


Given our readily available designs covering the three main product lines including kitchenware, tiles, and fine-art objects, clients enjoy a wide range of customisation of colours and finishing made to any ordered quantity.


Customisation may be subject to technical constraints which are to be duly advised to clients by CERASOLS.


Please contact us for any Made-To-Order enquiry.


Clients get engaged to work closely with us from the very beginning of conceptualisation, throughout design development and production, to their very last nods of satisfaction at the finished products delivered.


CERASOLS takes pride in its capacity to excel in bespoke projects of any size; be it a set of classy kitchenware of thousands of items for fine-dining premises, or a few square metres of ceramic tile serving the wall of a stylish bathroom, or even an exclusively commissioned statuette for artistic interior decoration.


Please contact us for any Bespoke enquiry.


In many cases when clients were themselves fully capable of production, CERASOLS still got engaged for consultancy in respect of product design and technical matters. Apart from that, we provides advisory service covering quite a number of fields, such as: investment in ceramics business, establishment of ceramics manufacturing premises, operations management, quality control, and so forth.


Please contact us for any Consultancy enquiry.

We are CERASOLS – Ceramic Solutions !